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Property Exchange Standby

Peace of mind

A Civil Standby occurs when a Constable is present while parties exchange property or one of the parties is legally allowed to enter a residence, building, or vehicle to obtain property.  Civil Standby is intended to keep the peace.  There are several situations when a uniformed peace officer may be beneficial.

  • Employee Terminations

  • ​Property Retrieval During Divorce, Separation, etc

  • Roommate separations

  • Internet Purchase Exchanges

  • Evictions

The Constable is present as a Peacekeeper only. He will not act as a judge and decide who owns the property. 

  • Constable Serefine will not break into and/or enter any residence, building, or vehicle.

  • Constable Serefine will not restrain the movement of any person or vehicle.

  • Constable Serefine will not physically remove or load any property.

  • Constable Serefine will not allow the removal of the disputed property.

A Civil Standby does not give a Constable the right to trespass on real property. Constable Serefine will leave the premises if asked to do so. Likewise, if a party or any other person assisting a party is asked to leave the premises and refuses to leave, that person may be subject to arrest or issuance of a citation/complaint of Criminal Trespass.

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